The Plow

It is the farmer, tending to crop and earth, upon whose shoulders all other endeavors must rely. From their toil all peoples are fed, and thusly sustained in life. And yet it is to these farmers the lowest of lots in life are given. Their days are filled with struggle and hardship, and they have little hope to better their lot, but in myth and legend. They are in service to a Lord or other landed nobility and own nothing themselves but their actins and words. They are born poor, they live in endless toil, and they die poor, quite often of sickness or injury. Perhaps most amazing, and to their credit, the farmers and tillers and tenders of the Promethean Realms are the quickest to smile, the warmest of acquaintances, the most ready to lend a hand in hardship. No other caste of people value life and love so intensely as they. The histories even record two uprisings during the Years of Crown, when such oppressions were laid upon a fiefdom’s people that they would bear their yoke no more. Woe to those who rouse these humble and tolerant folk.

The farmer is fond of both good drinks and good tales, and is, despite their extreme poverty, the main benefactor of wandering Bards and Poets. They tend to drink a dirty brew of fermented grain, using the moldy bits of the grain stocks. Occasionally, this mold is poisonous and the brew will be the unwitting cause of many a burned commoner. It has also been the boon 0f the religious sects of the Realms.

Crops of the farmer range from staples such as corn and wheat to specialty grains like barley and adjunct farmers of crops like hops and bog myrtle.

Farmers of the Whet’lands use great hairy oxen to pull their plow. These oxen are often owned by a local Lord, and should the oxen die, farmers in such cases are likely to give up a daughter or son in repair. There are goats and sheep, both excellent sources of wool, and many various breed of fowl tended to, especially in Kron.

The Barley Saints

This is a group of farmers who strive to produce the best libations known in the realms. Because of their typically low status they are secretive, and do not mingle with the more bourgeois group of brewers and distillers known as the Buttsmen (after the barrel of beer measurement: the butt). They are responsible for two particular ales and one wine that is still sung about to this day. Furlong’s Sweat is a strong ale produced in the early years of the Promethean Crown, said to be able to power a man for an entire days march on a single drought. River Valley is a pilsner that has returned to active distribution, much to people’s surprise. While the guilds argue about the authenticity of the brew, the common man drinks it by the barrel, and doesn’t look back. Coming from the River Valley in the Northwest of the Ferry Dukes, in Lord Parson’s fief. The brewery lies just outside of Parson’s Reach, where the distribution is creating a renaissance there.

Other laborers of the realms

The City-states of the Salt Barons also use indentured servitude to bulk up the masses of impoverished labor collecting salt from the bay. These laborers are sent out nearly bare of clothes, carrying only a fine linen sack and salt-rake. Because the salt is so valuable, laborers work for shift bosses that have thugs check them out as they return.

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The Plow

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