Maps are the Lexicon of location and geometric relations. They are a guide to our questions of Where? and How? and often, if the map is very good, the secret of Why? can be gleaned from its careful glyphs. It must be remembered that maps are not exact; they are made by humans walking the land. Because of this, they hold errors of the human heart. There are no great cartographic schools to standardize the quality or accuracy of maps – they are more often than not made by those that need them. Some may be drawn by the skilled hand of a court historian, while others could be rudely tattooed by a drunken brigand. They may use different symbols or emphasize different interests, but each one has something in common with all the others: the description of place in relation to another.

It is common knowledge that maps of any kind can usually fetch a hefty price in the courts of the Ferry Dukes or in the honored Houses of Kron. Even the Salt Barons have started putting the word on the street…maps are worth far more than their weight in gold.

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