Darrenton (Dairn’town) [Dairn → Keep] – Like a shallow puckering in the land, Darrenton sits nestled in the folds and ridges of these radial invaginations. At its center is the ruin of an old castle, upon the broad peak of a steep and few-fingered hill. In the castle rest two ghosts, hauntings from some forgotten time. The town is in an unusual agreement (unspoken) with these phantoms: each leaves the other alone on their own land. Like any neighbor, there are good days and bad.

Parson’s Hold / Parson’s Keep – This is the wealthiest capital of the Ferry Dukes. It is bustling and busy, full of artists and trade. A true jewel of the North. Its biggest claim to fame is the treasures Ild brought back from the Steel Plains and the Wilds beyond. Some of these can be seen at the Museum of History in the center of town.

Sollyton – This is a small wheat and oats farming town in the central Whet’lands. It is connected to the Ferry Kingdoms by the canal Lardu. It is also the underground capital for the production of Yarro-root, a highly intoxicating plant whether smoked, brewed to tea, or eaten raw. Valued at nearly 10 common Crowns per root (good for 1-3 doses) it has put Sollyton on the Map.

Breager’s Rock – This town in central Kron is famous for a large rock where criminals were stoned to death for their crimes. One such criminal, Breager, claimed that he was convicted falsely, and were he slain, all those who stood by and watched, all those who cast their stones, all those who convicted him in their hearts would be slain by boulder’s of fire from the sky. As the final rock smashed against his temple and took his life, some few in the crowd looked the sky in horror as it was suddenly filled with fiery rocks. Very few of the city survived that day. Those who did survive banned the punishment of death, and renamed the town in honor of the innocent man who died. These days, Breager’s Rock is known for the Hall of Defenders, a training ground for Paladins of Justice.

Ulbar Umb – This is perhaps the largest Orcish community outside of the great city Goor Noost. Ulbar Umb lies in the Moontops, North and East of the fortress of Phillip’s Hold. Ulbar Umb is a mining town, and many wondrous jewels and treasures come from its artisans. The Overseer Hirl Tuul, an Ogre Magi of great power and fame, runs Ulbar Umb as a slave factory, pitting the weakest workers against one another in gladiator pits. It has been rumored that a human gladiator from the City State of Uuz has been fighting in Ulbar Umb quite successfully.

Annieshire – This is the largest town in the Wolfdales, and a favorite stop-over for road-going tradesmen who do not wish to pay the river-tax. The people of Annieshire make their living on a speckled-kernel corn which is popular in Kron during the approach of Winter due to the similar coloring of the trees at that time. While the town is vibrant and bustling, it is not rich, and currently only supports a Market Class of V.

Yibb – This is an unofficial trade town of the Citystate of Loz, used to trade between the Salt Barrons and the many Goblin tribes far out west or the Bandit Lords to the northwest of Loz. The town is always busy, and generally quite dangerous to visit. Laws are few and brutally enforced without room for recourse or appeal:

  1. Theft is punishable by being bathed in acid until dead and loss of all possessions
  2. Violence outside of a Duel is punishable by dismemberment and loss of all possessions
  3. Destruction of another’s property is treated as Theft, and is punishable by being bathed in acid. All possessions are placed into the hands of the property owner.
  4. Failure to pay Taxes is punishable by removal of both hands and loss of all possessions
  5. Taxes equal to 10% of all wealth on exit of the town of Yibb must be paid
  6. Duels can be called for any reason and against anyone other than the Taxmen of Loz. Duels are to the death, or the declining party must pay out 10% of their current wealth to the opponent.

Yibb is rumored to be overseen by a huge Ogre Magi named Greb Ill. It is whispered that Greb once slew every last trader at the city when a large melee broke out between an orc and goblin tribe there several decades ago. Though it took several years for trade to return to Yibb, it has been (mostly) peaceful since then. Or so it is whispered.

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