The Cross

There are many religions, many powers worshipped and rumored, many lives both enriched and enslaved by the gods, many temples, altars, pits, sacrifices and creations of the spirit in Ursus. The cross guides just as it constrains; a spiritual map, each belief with its own geometric relations, with its own spatial references, with its own destiny – its own “X-marks-the-spot”. Here follows the greatest and the least, with uncounted numbers between.

The Cult of Steel – This religious order produces the most feared warriors in all the land, for they are imbued with unnatural oneness with their blades, axes, spears and clubs. The Cult of Steel was once outlawed in all the Kingdoms; now only Kron maintains this law. There are very few members of this cult, partly because mortal duels with other members is a staple of “worship”. Often these duels are with a mentor, and serve as a means for gaining honor and favor with the cults “god” – the sword. Some of the many powers attributed to these cultists are: skin that cannot be harmed by normal weapons, endurance to battle in any weather for days at a time, speed and accuracy surpassing mortal abilities, an uncanny ability to foresee an opponents next move, a seeming immunity to any hardships of the flesh. So powerful are the high-priests of the Cult of Steel that they are rumored to live on another plane of existence, only manifesting a physical form to engage in duels. Some have been rumored to even become a sword of terrible might.

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The Cross

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