The Coin

“We most wealthy of Men in all things must surely rule those less so.” Common argument in The company of Nobles on Their Right to Rule. Tears – 23

“While there are those uncommon individuals for whom not even the furthest limits of imagination are unreachable, the vast majority of able men must turn from fancy and rely, quite rightly, upon the hard working common man to ripen the fruit of their desires.” Anonymous Crown – 2000

Noblemen. The ongoing farce of supposed “Right to Rule”. From this class comes the bulk of Politicians, wizards, the bankers and well-funded seekers of fame and fortune. They are typically arrogant to those they see as beneath them, disdainful of those they are themselves below, and because of their vast wealth and idle time, most likely to bring about the greatest change in the lands.

“Noblemen” are essentially the wealthy sons and daughters of wealthy sons and daughters. Which is to say that very few are Noble in the purest sense of the word. Rather, they inherit class and status, often from a long line of ancestors who have done the same. And yet, there are those nobles who embody the spirit of their title and those who truly are descendants of great lineage. The kings of the crown, for instance. Though many once led simple lives, they rose the highest stature and their offspring rose with them. The vast bulk of them spend their days frantically working to keep their high status and privilege, while some find that no matter how they try to avoid the power and honor bestowed upon them, they cannot escape it.

Politics and economy are the bread and butter of nobility, for it is in these tools and arenas that power and wealth are gained and retained. Politics keeps a lord or lady in the good graces of the public which they rely upon for tax revenues, for instance.

The ruling families of the Salt Barons arise out of the violence of politics. The ruling families all perform in the gladiator pits of their respective cities. Only by winning in the yearly Grand Melee do the Barons retain their positions of power. Though these fights are generally fixed, the Barons are all capable fighters, able to survive all but the most skilled in single-combat. There have been rumors of late discussing the un-family’d gladiator Arxus and his seemingly unstoppable rise to stardom. It seems he will be the target of assassins prior to the Grand Melee this year, and should he survive to this game, he will be set-upon by all of the “lambs” seeded by one of the Baron families.

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