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The Wolfdales are made up of four primary regions: Annieshire, Thistlefield Downs, The Five Fields Cooperative, and Hurgsfeld.

War comes to the Wolfdales as often as the snows. Their towns are always walled, and petty keeps dot the land, looking over the fields of yesterday’s battles. Conflicts brew over land rights, trade feuds, family disputes, and of course revenge.

The crops are as varied as ever, but Corn, Wheat, Potatoes, and Cabbages predominate.

The major towns of the Wolfdales are Annieshire, Allenton, and Thistleport. The minor towns and villages are Thistlefield Tower, Nevinsville, Rode on the Holly, Hurgsfeld Tower, Wrensnest, and Roolinton. Making up the Five Fields Collective, are the villages of Frib Field, Dyer Field, Zilla Field, Void Field, and Ellen’s Death.


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