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The vast plains of fertile earth are the Whet’lands, the bread-basket of the known lands. Ruled by a panoply of wealthy estate-holders, the people of the Whet’lands are subjects to regional feudalism – sometimes worked to the bone to produce a new crop for the hungry masses in the City-states of the Salt Barons or the Kingdom of Kron, and sometimes press-ganged into armies to fight in the many brief skirmishes inspired by one wealthy ego or another. Rarely, fields are cooperatively owned and farmed, protected by retired heroes or looked after by the careful application of rumor and pestilent hoax.

The major regions of the Whet’lands are:

Earl Ossumar Roberts rules this region of Corn and Barley fields with a mostly even hand, though his strong will and honest pride often result in a sudden call to arms and the unfortunate deaths of his peasantry in defense of his ego.

To the South and West of Robertsfield, across a string of hills rumored to be inhabited by evil spirits and tribes of beastmen, caverns that howl in pain on the full moon, and a lake that drowns those who gaze upon it, even from afar, lies the region known as the Wolfdales. Needless to say, the traderoutes avoid the hills wherever possible, and mercenaries prosper guarding travelers against what often amount to merely fearful nights.

The Wolfdales are the Westernmost settled lands outside of Phillips Hold, and the many small Townes that call the Wolfdales their home are fiercely independent and defended by surprisingly capable units of pikemen, archers, and swordsmen. This curiosity may lead the inquisitive to learn the secret of the Wolfdales and its people – haunted by the wilds to the West from which roam wolves, worgs, beastment and much worse, and wracked by the all too regular violence of warfare, these twin experiences have forged a people who are passionate, unswerving in friendship, and indomitable in enmity.

Rye Valley


Summner’s Cooperatives

Southern Hills


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