These are the smallest, and most common gathering of peoples in a region. Rarely more than 4 families in a tight cluster, there may be between 8 and 20 buildings, depending upon the size of each family. Some villages are even part of a small fief, complete with keep and quite small) garrison to boot!

Parson’s Reach (Lord Duke Albert Parson’s furthest township NE) – This tiny village on the far NE border of the Ferry Dukes territory, just butting up against the Eastern Forgotten Hills, sits on the broad fielded side of the early Whettle River, with a dark and tangled wood of Oak and Willow and Yew on the other , northerly side. Parson’s Reach is known for its ale, and it is the primary export from this distant village. Unbeknownst to many outsiders, the brewery is run by Albert Foucault, a druid, who tends to the hops, barley and wheat, while his wife (name goes here), a wizard, manages the brewing process itself. The brewery building is ancient and has many basements and cellars where ale was brewed long ago.

Lower Whettleton / Upper Whettleton – These two small villages lie between Parson’s Hold and Bridges Breath in Kron, resting on opposite banks of a twisty section of the Whettle river.

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