The Wild

Little is known about the wild, but much is recounted in the stories of bards and wanderers, in the haunted eyes of a child’s mind. Many who stray from civilization into the arms of this unknown mother are not seen nor heard from again. However it is the stories of those that do return that put the shine on its richness and the blood on its unforgiving ways.

The following entries account for some of this blood and riches, gathered from accounts by travelers, tales in an old Bard-song, or rumors about locales and creatures that can be found.

In Hayden’s Glen, a swath of grey.
A barbarous bush, a forgotten Fey.
A widows sorrow, a flashing blade.
And never-more to Hayden’s shade.
And never-more to Hayden’s shade.
        Bard’s Lilt,
        Common in the Whet’lands

Hoarg (great hairy-tusked pig)

This exceptionally large and aggressive boar is rumored to occasionally wreak havoc among the outer reaches of Eastern Kron. Reports from survivors tell of groups of five to eight gorging on a herd of cattle or sheep and moving on the horrified townsfolk when the livestock have been ruined. Said to be nearly as tall as a growing young man at the shoulders and a full mains height in their length, with tusks three feet long and a course hair covering their bodies. Entry in Purl Dim’s Encyclopedia Biologica

The greatest explorer of recent memory was Ild Fenby. He was born to a ferry man in the north of the realm of the Ferry Dukes, near Parson’s Keep. Lord Parson IV, Alderburr Parson, was a great sponsor of many explorers, and Ild was his jewel. Hearing some rumor of the Crown lying in the far West, deep in the Steel Plains, Lord Parson sent Ild to this land of myth. A great caravan was made, stocked with food and water, messenger pigeons, gnomish contraptions to measure and map, and twelve woodsmen of strength and courage to match their quest. Ild and his men set out in Evenwaltz in the year 266 of the Search. Ild sent back news of his progress, notable highlights being the scourging of a den of Giants in the southern edges of Nord’wood, and the rescue of a town in the Whet’lands from the ravages of an evil priest. Chief of these early triumphs was his assistance of the Kingdom of Phillip in the Battle of Morning Light, where he and his men were instrumental in turning the assault of Orc and Troll and winning the day. For these deeds, the Kingdom of Phillip pledged long friendship with the line of Lord Parson, and sent vassals to many others in the Ferry Realms for trade and news. These bonds hold still today, and the Ferry Dukes find great profit in the trade of Dwarven ore for Moontop gems. Restocked, Ild departed the Fortress of Eric in the month of Stormsky, with great warnings from Eric the King. Ild and the six remaining woodsmen were seen last on the horizon, courageous and without concerns.

After many years all hope of their return was lost, and a memorial was raised in their honor in the central court of Parson’s Hold. It was in the year of the Search, 240, 14 years after setting out that Ild and two of the 12 woodsmen returned. They came unrecognized from the south by ship, and it was laden with treasure such as has fed untold tales and expeditions though none to date have returned where Ild was able to. Among the treasures were many maps and tomes of knowledge from the forgotten years of War. Though no evidence of the Crown of Prometheus could be found, several artifacts were returned to the world of man. The greatsword Hescheltuath, which has been rumored to speak of the blood of those it has drank: the Oak shield named Artch, which proved itself in battle since being found. A key of plain-wrought iron that Ild thought to be the gate-key of Ironholm, greatest citadel of the ancient days of war. More gold and jewels than any save the Kings of Kron had ever seen was returned to the son of Lord Parson, Gund Parson V, and he was thus enriched many times over what his father ever spent.

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