The Sword

Although the scope of War in the kingdoms has diminished, the method has not. Whether blade or spear or axe or pick or club or hammer, the blood of innocence and guilt is spilled alike. The known histories of the days of War recount the victories and defeats of great armies, above all other achievements of man. In current days, there are some Armies that seek to rekindle that flame. Here are some of the most renowned:

Goth Murg – This mercenary group is made up of soldiers not formally trained in any way. They work out of the towne of Murg in the Southern plains of the Kingdom of Phillip. They hope to capture one of the City-States of the Salt Barons someday.

Umber Pikemen – This army covers their skin in a dark brown mud before marching into battle. They are located in the southern Ferry Kingdoms.

Jared’s Iron – Jared Ironfist is a half-bred Human/Orc with a penchant for indulging in the spoils of war more deeply than paid to do.

Large battles are fought with hroses, foodmen, pikemen, and war-machines. Duels are popular and sanctioned by nearly every Kingdom. Duels are especially common and excessive in Uuz, city-state of the Salt Baron Uuz. Gladiatorial games are also popular in many kingdoms, especially in Uuz, The Champions of the Dawn, the Min’lands, and the south of the Whetlands. It has been outlawed in the Kingdoms of the Ferry Dukes entirely, and in the Kingdom of Phillip there is not enough free time nor lives left to make such sport of War, though many of the greatest gladiators have been Phillipian. Kron does not outlaw it, and though many are entertained by its spectacle, it has found less welcome there than in most lands. Some scholars believe this trait indicates the Crown is still in Kron, and not in the far west as is commonly rumored.

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The Sword

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