The Staff

Gods deliver great gifts of power to their truest believers, while Wizards deliver that power to themselves, though each one in vastly different ways. It is this ultimate difference, the gift versus the achievement, that separates not only the psyche but the intent, the personality, the very powers themselves, all derived from a clawing will, a striving desire to know.

The staff is the icon of this achievement – mentality, a powerful rod, a forceful intent on the fabric of reality, a defining line in the sands of what is and what can be. Wizards do not loose their powers without their staff, as the Gifted do without their Holy Symbol, their fetish or their totemic object. The staff is not the ability; that resides inside. A staff often will store powers or energy, an imbued object by the wizard, and in this way become valuable to them.

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The Staff

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