The Quill

A poor heading perhaps, for this is truly the symbol of the court scribe, yet here it is used to define and represent the prosperous middle class folk; the artisans. The carpenter, the blacksmith, the thatcher, and the tallow master. The painter, poet, sculptor, and potter. The draftsman, the scribe, the brewer, and the mistress.

Most of these tradesmen have guilds or societies to represent them to various political forces. Some are secret, some cover more than one trade. Some are local, while others are found across the known realms.

Smithy’s Guild – covering all forge workers of any sort. They are prosperous, and because of the weight they bring to any political table, they charge a higher tithe than most other guilds: 10% of take.

The Guild of Three – named after Guildmaster Erdich Oghm’s three remaining fingers, the thieves guild is a uniquely Dwarven creation. Although other guilds for thieves and assassins exist, none are so successful as the Guild of Three. Guild members are expected to be in touch with the local chapter out of which they may work. Though independent jobs and creative employment (even self-employment) are encouraged by the Guild, sanctioned work should comprise half of all jobs performed – at the least. Tithe is 50 – 95% of take. Although Erdich Oghm is the recognized head of the organization, he is in no way the unchallenged leader. Daily assassination attempts by his followers and their representatives are struck-down, survived, discovered, avoided or otherwise dealt with in a manner that keeps Erdich in the ‘kings’ chair.

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The Quill

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