The Inn of Five Trades

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This inn sells ale from the Olegin Brewery just outside of town, and gets their meats from Forester the Butcher. They make their own bread and cheese, provided by a small plot of farmland and several goats. Clean, if a little shabby in character, and exceptionally safe for no reason other than the mutual need for patrons to do business in peace so as not to scare the possible clientele away.

Goods and Services Price
Room per night 5sp
Wheat Ale, per pint 1cp
Meal (bread, cheese and dried meat) 5cp
Fine Meal (bread, cheese, roast meat) 2sp
Suite Room per night 1gp

The inn is operated by Ulia, a female Elf, and her Human husband Brant. Brant is a retired guardsman of Westower, though he has aged exceptionally well. A strong and kind man, Brant survived the Listenport rebellion, and still likes to tell stories of the bitter street battles and the eventual fire that swept the docks and quelled the rebellion.

The Inn of Five Trades

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