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The Curse
Five times in haunted ages past
when remnants lay in fallow field
a moon rose red as death
and slew our fathers while families wept

what remnants could curse
by simple fact they were
left untouched, unhonored still
but broken in shame
the lonely foetid flesh became
a summons for our horror,
our existence profane

five moons risen
five generations doomed
five horrors witnessed
five children forgiven

our hope in future fathoms lay,
Yet faith restored from hallowed host,

The Brother’s March
this short refrain is hundreds of years old, and goes by several names, though The Brother’s March is most common. It is heard over the salt-farms on the Sinking Sea, the great mines of Oolg Naar, and the prancing parade armies of Kron.

When long down in spirits
lay our hearts
We sing to yeoman
brothers ranging far.

Hard battles fought
in foreign lands
Washed empty in blood
and fields of sand.

Songs, Poems, and Stories

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