The broken spires of an ancient, long-forgotten citadel is like a map of that citadels life, a tale of the history (a map itself) of the culture that dwelled there. No maps are drawn, however, and those who wish to chart these cultural waters must invest in a skill with words only the finest of court scribes aspire to.

The ruins of the Promethean Realms lie almost exclusively in the rolling country known as the Steel Plains. Here the ancient armies of old destroyed themselves, seemingly without end. Here also, they left behind forts and dungeons, and implements of war such as they knew. Some of these ruins are haunted by the fell souls of those days, and some have been claimed by wandering beasts from the Wilderlands. All ruins, however, cradle such secrets and wealth our age can only guess at. Here then are some of the greatest ruins from the ages. Some have been found, while others still lie shrouded in the mists of the Past.

The Forges of Arcturus – These forges were once (and may be yet again) the greatest gathering of smithy’s in the realms. Legend has it that elemental fire was trapped alongside rivers of flame born in the deep places of the earth. It is said that the forges were fed on the slaves who were overcome by the heat, and that elephants gathered rarest ore from across the lands, pulling great sleds mounded high and accompanied by a hundred warriors each.

The Pit – The Pit was a dungeon whose name was as the name of Fear unthinkable. Those few who escaped (let out?) spread such stories as to increase the terror of its name.

The Palace of Baron Klanar – This palace was rumored to have bathing pools filled with the blood of virgins. The tortured spirits of these innocent lives still haunt the halls of that great palace, along with the slaughtered family of the Baron himself.

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