Chart of the Moon

The Moon, in its never-ending dance across the landscape of heaven, is as our own struggle with the landscape of human Will; rising and falling, waxing and waning, for all eternity, good and ill. Joseph Praxus Philosopher of the Court of Prometheus, Year of the Crown-124

There have been four named Eras in recorded history, and each era is labeled simply “Years of”. - Years of War - Years of Breaking /Tears - Years of the Crown - Years of the Search

The common usage of these Eras (which is not very common, except amongst Court Scribes and such) drops all the clutter and uses even more simply: War-1232, or Crown –124, in the above quote. Each era lasts for a variable number of years, until it becomes so obviously misnamed as to be changed. Typically, major events in the lands history have preceded changes in the names of Eras.

There are 12 months of 28 days each making one turn of the seasons 336 days long. The twelve months are named as follows: - Blossoms (April) - Evenwaltz (May) - Fawn (June) - Noonshade (July) - Willowisp (August) - Harvest (September) - Morningfrost (October) - Firstfall (November) - Whitedawn (December) - Darklight (January) - Stormsky (February) - Sighs (March)

The months roughly correspond to our own, though seasonally the land has a wintry leaning, with Fall beginning in (our) August and running through mid-Morningfrost, while Winter lasts from late-Morningfrost through early Sighs; nearly five months.

This Lunar calendar is used throughout the common realms, though some sects mark the passage of days differently, tracking constellations or the sun, even the rumblings of the Earth.

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Chart of the Moon

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