A Deal Gone Bad

You were young, naive, even reckless, and you tried to fence some stone-cutting tools that came your way through one of the visiting dwarves of Oru. Turns out the tools were stolen from a Dwarf in the Guild…you got away with your life, but you’ve been on the run ever since. As a result, you’ve gotten very good at fitting in with a new crowd in a new town or city, and you can fade into the shadows and disappear when the need arises. On the downside, Dwarves all seem to know you’ve crossed them, like they can smell it…tends to sour your relationships with them. And you’re always on the lookout for the ones that really do know your past…

  • Only available to non-Dwarf races
  • -2 to all Reaction roles when encountering a Dwarf
  • +2 to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently rolls

Pit Fighter

You have been hardened in the Gladiator Pits of the Salt Barons – pick one of the City States to have originated from. Though you were born and raised in this city, it is as unfamiliar to you as the cities of myth and legend. Kept in the training compounds and taught only to kill and survive, to make money for the Barons, you benefit from the physical conditioning, but the cloistered upbringing has damaged your ability to relate to the outside world and left you uneducated, unable to read or write. Your freedom was purchased for you, though your benefactor has not revealed themself.

  • -1 to Intelligence or Charisma
  • -1 to Wisdom
  • +1 to Strength
  • +1 to Constitution or Dexterity

Hobbyist Adventurer

You grew up in a family wealthy enough to afford indulging your fleeting whims. The Search for the Crown of Prometheus has captured this whim, and you recently graduated from one of the premier schools in Kron. With a hefty gift of gold from your family for completing the training, your own search for the Crown may have started easier than some, but your wealth precedes you. Chasing leads down in the streets of Kron is a very different game from the politics of the court…this is going to be harder than you thought…

  • -2 to any Reaction/Interaction rolls with non-Nobility
  • +100 Gold Crowns at 1st Level

In the Family

You were raised far to the east, in the rolling grassland and forests of the Free Princes of Oakengrove. Having proven yourself in the eyes of the Prince you worked for, you were accepted into the Prince’s family and took the family name. The family gave you training in suriving the wilds of Oakengrove. In exchange you agreed to serve your family’s interest whenever it may call upon you.

  • +2 to Nature or Athletics
  • Must heed the call of the family or be hunted by a Warden two levels higher

Urchin of Oru

You were a street urchin in the Dwarven city of Oru – home to the Hundred Hands, the numerous guilds of theives, spies, and assassins. Were you drafted into service? Did you start your own guild? How many fingers do you still have? The politics of the underworld are an open book to you, and Dwarves seem to treat you as one of their own…perhaps it is those missing fingers…

  • +2 to Streetwise
  • +1 to all Skill checks opposed by a Dwarf
  • Missing 1d3 fingers down to the first or second knuckle. Cut cleanly or beaten to a useless pulp, the fingers were removed by rivals during torture or by partners during initiation.

Farmer of Dreams

You were an indentured farmer of one of the landed houses of the Whet’lands. Suffering under the iron whip of the landowner, you resolved to endure your hardship until freed from your indenture. Always dreaming of the lands just over the horizon, you sought out any tales from afar that drifted through your village. Those distant roads would be yours to travel one day.

  • + 2 to History or Endurance

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