Sharla Shadowtrail

Elven Nightblade


Str 11
Int 13
Wis 7
Dex 17
Con 13
Chr 10

Longbow Sniping(can range backstab at short range) 8+ 1-6
Short sword and Main-Gauche Two-weapon fighting style 9+ 2-7

AC 4 Leather and Dex bonus
HP 7

Animal training


Found in a stable, she was raised by a compassionate stable-master. She has come to believe that her biological family must have come from deep in the Nordwood. After a certain deal went bad between her and a certain group of filthy dwarves, she has learned to be extra careful when moving silently or hiding in shadows (+2 to such rolls). Since then she has never been able to show confidence in the face of any of the dirty race (-2 reaction to all dwarves).

Sharla Shadowtrail

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