The Promethean Crown

Z'mar torches the bones

Our new friend Shifty didn’t get out of bed this morning. His injuries at the hands of those nasty goblins must be more serious than we thought. Maybe it is for the better. I don’t think all of us consider him part of our core company. Jungar feels that his skill footprint is quite satisfactory in the rogue department, and Pandrigal is always making fey/gay comments.

It is clear that Pandrigal and Jungar need a better shielder than me in order to be effective in combat. It happened at The Keep with Jungar, and it happened again today to Pandrigal with the skeleton archers. Ranged attacks are taking down our strikers too quickly. Luckily Z’mar was charging to the front line to burn those skeletons before they could do any real damage. He really does know how to use his implement well. At the academy the instructors had an EZ-5000 implement of war-casting that increased the area of effect of area spells. I bet Z’mar would make good use out of such a device.

Ah, the academy, that reminds me, a few of my juniors that were there would be good additions to our company. One dwarf by the name of Balin was in the divine class focusing on a defensive weapon. Another huge guy, who we called G’Bar cause we couldn’t pronounce his native name, had a huge sword, even bigger than Pandi’s. Oh, and Shwaloden, what an animal! with his tri-falic flail and heavy shield.

But i digress, This Cult of Orcus seems to be behind all the problems that Winterhaven is having. Some bent and wretched elven witch had been spying in Winterhaven and stirred up some gravehounds and skeletons at the graveyard. She seems to have been working in the service of Kalorel who is some kind of Cult of Orcus leader. We will go tell Lord Padraig about this development right away. I am sure he will reward us handsomely.




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