The Promethean Crown


Getting there is half the battle

The road to Winterhaven was shortened a great deal by a welcoming caravan driver who was brining grain from Sollyton in the Whet'lands to Phillip's Hold.  The driver called himself Yammel, and he was a portly human who travelled only with one sword-arm, a meditative elf that Yammel said was named Huin.  Huin spoke only briefly during their fortnight with the caravan.  He appeared to be a follower of the Cult of Steel, and spent much of his time in practice with a finely wrought rapier and dagger, or running alongside the caravan for days at a time.

Once in Phillip's Hold, the party travels to Winterhaven.

They are ambushed by Kobolds along the way.  First Blood!

They reach Winterhaven, and are asked to clear out the Kobolds.

They also find word of Douven, and learn the location of a possible burial site of a Minor Wyrm, just to the west of the Kobold lair.  It's a Two-fer!



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