The Promethean Crown

Slug takes inventory

“Slug, get away from there! What do you think your doing?”

“Wow, you’re rich! How much do you have?”

Now, that is a good question,...

1 ancient mirror (550gp), 5 platinum dragon minis (50gp each)

Silver: 50 knuckles, 25 marks, 101 pieces (176sp)

Gold: 792 pieces, 30 crowns (822gp)

1 note with pass phrase “From the ground some magic was found”


subtract 50 gp each for pocket money (-200gp) should we give Zoret some pocket money too?

Slug takes inventory

Mr. Maal is enthusiastic about sharing the wealth, as it will fund his expedition to find the Great Oak and eliminate the evil fungus creatures that are killing it.

Slug takes inventory

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