The Promethean Crown

Kobold Lair

A Hobgoblin is not a Kobold, or, How the Party was nearly wiped out

The party was ambushed by Kobolds again.

They reach the lair and dispatch the outter guards and riff-raff, but allow a Kobold to alert those inside.

They charge into the lair to discover many more kobolds waiting for them.

They realize this fight is going to be their ultimate test.

The rogue notices gold in the distance, and sneaks away from the battle to investigate.  He is killed by a Kobold Wyrmpreist.

The Fighter is repeatedly beaten down by the Hobgoblin Irontooth, and repeatedly bolstered and healed by the Cleric.

The Wizard clamours for retreat, but it is too late.  The Figher is killed by Irontooth.

The Paladin is killed by Irontooth.  The Cleric succumbs to arrow attacks and magical assault combined.  He is killed.

Showing wisdom beyond his experience, the Wizard Z'mar flees the scene, the only survivor of the original Part of Five.


Yeah, getting those ‘fighter’ types to retreat is a battle in and of itself!

Kobold Lair

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