The Promethean Crown

From the Frog to the Cave

The town did not like to hear our crier singing gloom and doom, but it was necessary to get the word out. The captain of the town guard assigned us Alfonse, but refused to do more until a direct witness comes with proof. Alfonse helped to kill some goblins that came upon us in the night at the roadblock. He then went back to the captain in Annieshire to cry whatever gloom and doom that he might convince a more formidable party to come out. (Likely they will just increase their defense at home instead, but all the more heroic we will look coming back with goblin ears and heads and tall tales of bravery and might.)
We Ged, Rob, Gordon and Sharla, along with our stubborn mule and barking hound)found a goblin trail heading up into the mountains where goblins may have been dragging their loot off. The trail led us to a cave in front of which we now fight.



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