The Promethean Crown

Fresh out of the gates

Start Here

It was a good start.  Five friends and compatriots, students of one Douven Stahl.  Douven was even a Searcher of some renown, having delved into the border-lands out past the Kingdom of Phillip.  He had setup shop in the town of Breager's Rock, one of a handful of schools that offered training to join the Search.

These five were good students, each with the will to learn and a gift at their chosen profession.  Douven was proud of them, and often confided in his wife that this class was his best yet.

Douven left for the far west the morning after their graduation, and while the days turned to weeks, the five friends looked for and found odd work.  They guarded caravans on uneventful journeys to Kron.  They looked tough during friendly trade talks between businesses.  They rescued a cat from a small lemon tree.

All that changed when Douven's wife sent a runner, calling on them to meet with her regarding a fearful development with Mr. Stahl himself.  As she later explained, Douven had not sent word as he should have, and it had been weeks since she expected some sign.  All she had to go on was his intention to travel to a small border-town named Winterhaven, and from there discover the location of a burial site of a minor Wyrm.  He felt that great treasure or at least some hint of the Crown could be found there.

She offered gold to the party for bringing back some sign of his saftey.  A real adventure was ahead of them.



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