The Promethean Crown

A New Party is Formed

First hint of the Deathcult of Orcus

Z’mar burst out of the wilderness and onto the road from Phillip’s Hold to Winterhaven. Not a hundred paces away, a small group of hardened looking Searchers held swords at the ready and bows drawn taut. Despite their tense meeting, Z’mar found some solace in being able to travel to Winterhaven in a group…he did not relish the thought of another Kobold ambush as he marched to safety all on his own.

The group was hired by the Duke of Parson’s Reach to explore an old ruined Keep somewhere near Winterhaven, returning a map of the land and ruins to the Duke, as well as allowing him to examine and catalog any items or information they might retrieve along the way. In exchange, he would pay them 500 gold each, and allow them to retain any of the relics so discovered, as was the practice of the Dukes of Parson’s Reach.

Z’mar’s tale of woe affected their spirit, and in short order, they were determined to wipe out the Kobolds to the south of Winterhaven and reclaim the bodies of Z’mar’s fallen companions. Not being without a healthy sense of the value in such an act, they committed to pressing the Lord of Winterhaven to a new agreement. After all, the coffers of <deity name=”true”> were not filled based on their good intentions alone…

Upon arrival at Winterhaven, they did just this, and while Lord Padraig was loathe to diminish his reserves without cause, he now felt more than ever that the Kobolds should be eliminated with haste. He payed one half of the sum to the party in advance, and agreed to the remaining half upon return bearing proof that the Kobolds had been put down with malice. The newly formed party agreed and made haste to the south.

Arriving at the Kobold lair from down-stream of the falls, they crept up to find a ragged few Kobolds keeping vigilant watch. Engaging these few Kobolds proved more difficult than first surmised, as a ragged band of humans, crying out at the party with insane curses and wails in praise of Orcus ran out from behind the waterfall to swing primitive clubs their way…

Party wins out against the human rabble and the Guard Drakes, deciding to retreat before pressing into the Kobold Lair.

Soon after their rest, they hear the approach of small creatures, and find a gnome and a halfling positioning to ambush them. They turn the tables and cut down the two in short order. Taking advantage of this momentum, they approach the Kobold Lair once again… find Irontooth and a Wyrmpriest escorting two large chests away from the lair. A short battle ensues, and the party finally slays Irontooth and his priest.

They retrieve the bodies of Z’mar’s prior comrades and the treasure in the chests, and return with some effort to Winterhaven. The bodies are blessed and interred to the earth at the Winterhaven cemetery.

The party learns of Shadowfell Keep from the sage at Winterhaven and after some provisioning, travels north following the sages directions…



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