The Promethean Crown

Earless goblin toad worshippers

These goblins look to have been worshipping a toad.
Sadonyx(75gp) and amythest(100gp), quiver w/7 arrows, copper toad idol(170gp) carved human skull totem(35gp) jade(100gp), opal(exceptional 750gp)

Into the Cave go the Brave

Despite some minor injuries our band of heroes has entered the cave. The ears are piling up. Some 26 ears now. It seems as if they know we are coming and try to ambush us, but our strength and numbers is too much for them. The town sent some hardy folks to battle the beastman threat, and we could not hope to be eradicating this threat without them. A mystic goes by Fourtyfour has joined us as well. Perhaps it is 44 sins he has repented. He is a welcome addition and insists that his purpose is to help where help is needed. He insisted we ‘put the bodies in the hole’, but only after Ged took the ears for bounty.

From the Frog to the Cave

The town did not like to hear our crier singing gloom and doom, but it was necessary to get the word out. The captain of the town guard assigned us Alfonse, but refused to do more until a direct witness comes with proof. Alfonse helped to kill some goblins that came upon us in the night at the roadblock. He then went back to the captain in Annieshire to cry whatever gloom and doom that he might convince a more formidable party to come out. (Likely they will just increase their defense at home instead, but all the more heroic we will look coming back with goblin ears and heads and tall tales of bravery and might.)
We Ged, Rob, Gordon and Sharla, along with our stubborn mule and barking hound)found a goblin trail heading up into the mountains where goblins may have been dragging their loot off. The trail led us to a cave in front of which we now fight.

coin account

-8gp for mule
-10gp for dog
-1sk for crier
+7sk on goblins

+10xp each

Almost Foiled out of Five Trades

We traveled south through Lands of Robertsfield. Dunfeld seemed to be the last outpost beyond which Robert’s law did not reach. Foil the merchant had wares to move and hired us to keep his goods safe across the lawless pass into Annieshire. Some goblins had an ambush set, but we were not taken for fools. Dead goblins were left as carrion and a warning to other free folk who might try to pass. Foil paid us 10gp each and another 10gp to the local church for tending our wounds. Fighting through the pass earned us a total of 18xp each.

A New Hope
A new session?

And the party known as the Koboldbane Nine were never heard from again.

There was some debate about this, as a runner from Yibb carrying other news did report seeing a group followed by a floating chest and led by a miserable goblin on a makeshift leash – nevertheless, there has been no word of them for nearly 10 moons.

But a new party is on the horizon! A new group of recruits for the Search! A new class of graduates from the schools. Fresh meat for the gnawing horrors of the world?

We shall see.

We shall see…

Zombies attack from the darkness

That was by far the most horrifying encounter yet. Zombie hands just groping at us from the darkness. One by one we bucked up the courage to step into the darkness where we could take on the undead.

Slug takes inventory

“Slug, get away from there! What do you think your doing?”

“Wow, you’re rich! How much do you have?”

Now, that is a good question,...

1 ancient mirror (550gp), 5 platinum dragon minis (50gp each)

Silver: 50 knuckles, 25 marks, 101 pieces (176sp)

Gold: 792 pieces, 30 crowns (822gp)

1 note with pass phrase “From the ground some magic was found”

Driving the rats out

As the last growls and yelps from the fleeing goblins echoed through the dungeon, the small party of raiders, our heroes, caught their breath and calmed their racing hearts; they had just been in a fighting retreat themselves, and the servants of death could have come for each of them down here, carrying their spirits beyond the veil. But that did not happen this day.

This day, our heroes faught bravely and with greater cooperation than ever before, and they prevailed…they prevailed…

They stood before a secret passageway, a small and irregularly shapped section of the stone masonry wall hinged to open inwards, into the darkness beyond. The passage they stood in seemed all the more familiar and safe because of the sputtering torch-light burning in infrequently spaced sconces along the walls. The darkness of the secret way beckoned, but it beckoned with malignant intent. The goblin cutter had tried to open this doorway before he was feathered by twin arrows from Pandrigal’s bow…the cutter’s destination surely held some importance not in their best interests.

Jungar was first to act, lighting a sunrod and holding it out before him to clear the darkness. A few paces ahead, short-stepped stairs rose sharply upwards for some distance,appearing to dead-end at a small landing. Moving silently, Jungar climbed the stairs and examined the dead-end wall. Though he did not see any clear mechanism as was found at the entrance to the secret way, he could hear beyond the wall the steady rhythm of someone snoring in sleep. He crept back to the group in the main passageway and recounted what he found.

Pandrigal was determined to join the rogue at the dead-end and search once more for a mechanism. He thought he had brought the coin that Z’mar had enchanted with Light, but when he got to the top of the stairs, he found it missing from his pocket. He signaled to Fildronas, who checked his own pockets and found the coin. Fildronas tossed the coin to Pandrigal, some twenty feet away and upstairs, but his cast was poor, and Pandrigal could not catch the coin – it fell to the floor at his feet, a clear ringing sound breaking the silence of the moment.

The snoring stopped all of a sudden and a panicked voice speaking goblin could be heard from beyond the wall at the top of the stairs.

“Huh, what? Aaagh! It’s them! Get ready!”

The mind of a Goblin

they will return i know they will return i will not be lazy be too drunk be sleeping but one will yes i will set a trap i will surprise them yes i am a smart goblin yes


yes i will trap them they will see me sleeping torack will not disobey but there must be more i need more advantage to be certain of it i will not risk my life for kalarel or or i will not


i must show strength what do they make of my shouts i wonder they will not disobey they are my crew


ah there is torack


he will live i did not hit him that hard see he breathes


i have explained my plans to my crew i have written the note for ubran of the gloaming marsh i will take my crew south but first these raiders will be punished i will not be taken by surprise again and they will be back yes they will be back for more kalarel has been sloppy attracted too much attention for what he plans to do it is time to leave this place the marshes of the south will be more like home anyways


yes much to say its going to be very exciting for a while balgron but you are strong yes balgron is not only fat kalarel he is also strong and smart and he will not be left to die in your name


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